Quick Hits: Classic Kenny Edition

In Red Wings Land

2 ‘long shot’ free agent forwards the Detroit Red Wings could consider | Detroit Sports Nation

Detroit has the cap space to offer Danault a competitive salary and prominent role, and at 28, he has good years left. But term would likely be a hangup for a Detroit team who continues to go short-term in free agency, and a player whose performance this postseason is likely to garner interest from better teams.

The article lists Phillip Danault and Tomas Tatar as long-shot forwards. I am inclined to agree. I don’t think the Wings are in the place to sign someone to the term/money either of those forwards will ask for. Still, I can’t help but miss Tuna on the roster.

Around the League

The Edmonton Oilers are frontrunners in the Duncan Keith sweepstakes | Edmonton Journal

An aging vet far past his prime? A deal with more than a year left on it? By God, that’s Kenny’s music!

Seems like Holland hasn’t missed a beat since his days in Detroit. Now, he’s looking to make a deal for a 38-year-old defenseman who objectively played some of the worst hockey in the league last season.

Yeah. I don’t see this going well for Keith or the Oilers.