Quick Hits: Dan Cleary banter, Kesler gets paid, Oduya signs with Stars, Eichel Not Attending USA Junior Camp

Red Wings News:

Red Wings might waste cap dollars on illegal, unenforceable promise to Dan Cleary | Winging It In Motown

Great writeup by JJ in reaction to one of the diggers saying the Red Wings could give Dan Cleary $1.5 million, and put him in the minors. Pretty asinine to think that could actually be on anyones mind considering you would essentially be paying for a deadweight player who's salary wouldn't even be fully buried.

The Red Wings Will Travel The Least Amount of Miles In 2015-2016 | Winging It In Motown

From yesterday - According to On The Forecheck's Super Schedule, the Red Wings will have the least amount of travel in the NHL next season. Man, does it feel good saying that.

Red Wings Re-Sign Aubry to a One-Year Deal | Winging It In Motown

Red Wings sign center Louis-Marc Aubry to a one-year deal, which pretty much sets up the Griffins roster. Now.. Sign Tomas Jurco, and Teemu Pulkkinen!

NHL News:

Ryan Kesler signs six-year contract extension with Anaheim Ducks | NHL.com

The Anaheim Ducks signed Ryan Kesler to a six-year deal worth $41.25 million. HUGE payday for Kesler, but an awful decision by the Ducks. He will be 32 years old when the contract kicks in. Possibly one of the worst contracts handed out this summer.

Dallas Stars Sign Free Agent Defenseman Johnny Oduya For Next Two Seasons | Defending Big D

Free agent defenseman Johnny Oduya signs with the Dallas Stars for two years. Dallas got a good deal in terms of money, but I think Oduya's highly overrated, and won't look all that good in a top-four setting.

Mark Cuban invests in Montreal sports analytics company Sportlogiq | Eyes On The Prize

Big money invested in a new sports analytic company from Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. This should be pretty interesting to witness, as it could mean a huge movement with analytics in the NHL.

Jack Eichel of Buffalo Sabres will not attend U.S. junior camp | NHL.com

2015 2nd overall pick Jack Eichel chooses not to attend USA's junior camp, so that he can ready himself for his first season pro with the Buffalo Sabres. Smart, or silly?