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Five storylines so far unfinished in the 2019-20 NHL season - Sportsnet

Detroit made the list!

The Red Wings’ “pursuit” of the lowest point total in the salary cap eraThe 2016-17 Colorado Avalanche were bad. Historically bad. Their 22-56-4 record brought 48 points, which was the lowest total for any team in an 82-game season through the salary cap era. Incredibly, the Detroit Red Wings could do even worse.

Richard, Canadiens legend, to have quiet funeral impacted by coronavirus - NHL.com

A good writeup on the life of Henri Richard and a sad cost of the current outbreak in not being able to give fans the ability to gather in mourning for a hockey legend.

$$ - LeBrun: Inside the NHL’s conference call with GMs and what to expect next - The Athletic

This one is paywalled and I wish I could share the whole thing with you because it’s a pretty in-depth discussion of how many things the NHL is trying to juggle with the current state of affairs. It mostly focuses on the drop-dead timeline for the season to resume and how with so many things in the air, there really isn’t even a Plan B right now because at this point, they’d have to have plans B-W in place for how things can change.

I did like the very end here though:

Which is to say, at some point over time here, the NHL and NHLPA will need to come up with “transition rules’’ to get through this unforeseen time involving the salary cap and other things.

Common sense will prevail when it comes to the cap.