Quick Hits: dCorsi And The Wings' Arena

Red Wings News

Chris Ilitch defends use of tax subsidies for $650M entertainment district | The Detroit News
As a businessman, it makes sense for Chris Ilitch to use tax subsidies to help fund the project. I am sure that the Ilitch's could privately fund more than they actually are for the project, but they did not become wealthy because they were handing out money. They know what they are doing.

A look at newer NHL arenas | Click On Detroit
The new Wings' arena will probably carry a corporate name, which is something that we will just have to learn to live with. That said, if they name it something like "Jobing.com Arena", I do not know how I would react.

By The Numbers: Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit Red Wings

Datsyuk missed 37 games last season, but he still finished 18th in the league in takeaways. Not too bad.

Q+A on new Red Wings arena: Who's paying for entertainment district? | Detroit Free Press
This helps iron out some of the questions that you may have had about who is spending what on this project.

NHL News

What is dCorsi and how does it help us account for "context"? - Pension Plan Puppets
An interesting and intriguing statistic, dCorsi, or delta Corsi, has been developed and tested by PPP's Steve Burtch. I am not as advanced in the field of advanced statistics as some of you are, but from my understanding of dCorsi, it may be able to fill a key hole that is currently present. Especially in terms of evaluating players in the long-term.

Report: O’Reilly wants $6.7M deal, Avs counter at $5.5M | ProHockeyTalk
Salary arbitration is not going to fix this problem for O'Rielly and the Avalanche. The two sides need to find another method. If I had to make a recommendation, I would love to see a jousting competition between them.

GMs should learn to shop smarter (What We Learned) | Puck Daddy
Lambert doesn't like the Wings' new arena project, or the way it is being financed. Come to think of it, does the guy like anything?

Report: Leafs sign Franson to one year, $3.3 million deal | ProHockeyTalk
Cody Franson has now signed three straight one-year deals with the Leafs.

Blues' Vladimir Sobotka gets one-year deal in arbitration, still KHL-bound - CBSSports.com
It doesn't seem as if Sobotka will be a Blues' player next season. When/if he returns to the NHL, he will have to fulfill his newly awarded contract with the Blues before being allowed to hit free agency.

Parenteau: Joining Canadiens a 'dream come true' | TSN
Parenteau was born in Quebec. On another note, why did the Avalanche trade him for Briere?

Vanek connected to federal gambling investigation | ProHockeyTalk

Apparently the Griffins' player Nathan Paetsch is involved in the investigation as well.

Russian power couple Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko end engagement | Puck Daddy
Were these two like Verlander and Upton? Or were they more of the Fisher and Underwood type of couple?

Let's Go Red Wings!