Quick Hits: The Not Shutting It Down Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings won’t shut down Dylan Larkin this season | Freep

“We’ve not had one ounce of discussion about that,” Blashill said. “I don’t know if this will be a big, big deal or if it is a big deal. Obviously, we’re not going to jeopardize Dylan’s career. ... I think really he’s having a spasm issue and I think it’ll be fine.”

So Dylan Larkin will likely play again this season, but it won’t be this weekend. The Red Wings have already ruled him out against both the Lightning and Panthers.

Red Wings, fans gather to celebrate Ted Lindsay’s impactful life | DetroitRedWings.com

The Red Wings family paid tribute to a true legend.

Around the League

Wysh List: Five rule changes that makes sense | ESPN

#3 on the “Wysh List” is changing how penalties work in overtime.

So the GMs have discussed making overtime penalties one minute long rather than two. Maybe this would encourage referees to call more penalties in overtime?

I’m not totally on board with this one. If we’re going to make adjustments to overtime then let’s just make it 10 minutes instead of five. I’m sure we would get a lot more games ending instead of going to a shootout. As far as the other four rule changes on the list... I’m cool with all of them.