Quick Hits: The First Year Pro Edition

In Red Wings Land

Taking Flight - Powering Forward | DetroitRedWings.com

Hopefully I’m showing it now because I’m really showing improvements with myself that I’ve noticed and I’m happy with where I’m going. As we’re coming down to the playoffs here, which is my favorite time of the year, I’m just going to take the opportunity to show the Red Wings and show the Griffins what I can do for the team and what I can showcase for myself and also help the team win.

This is a very thoughtful piece written by Givani Smith. He seems like a really good kid with a bright future with the Red Wings organization. It’s cool to see him reflect on his first regular season as a pro and thank everyone around him that helped along the way. If you weren’t a fan of Smith before, you will become one after reading this.

Around the League

Insider Trading: Kakko closing the gap on Hughes to go No. 1? | TSN

McKenzie: He is, and, in fact, nothing at face value has changed on this regard since TSN’s mid-season rankings in late January. Hughes is still No. 1, with 10 out of 10 scouts saying he’s still No. 1. But when is unanimous misleading? Well, it is this time because the gap has closed considerably between the No. 1 prospect Hughes, who plays for the USA under-18 program, and the No. 2 player Kaapo Kakko, who plays wing in Finland and has set a record for the most goals in a season by an under-18 player.

Can we just fast forward to the NHL draft lottery on Tuesday night, please?