Quick Hits: The Pen to Paper (Soon) Edition

In Red Wings Land

Am I happy about this news? Nope.

Am I mad about this news? Also nope.

It just kind of is what it is. Ken Holland has stated in the past he’s happy with the work Jeff Blashill is doing with the Red Wings and all the young players. We knew this was likely coming.

My personal preference is to let Blashill go and start fresh next season. Ideally that would come with Steve Yzerman taking over the franchise and choosing his own coach. However, whether Blashill gets a one or two year extension or a five year contract, it doesn’t really prohibit changes in the future. If Blashill doesn’t turn things around, it just means the Wings aren’t winning and will get some more high draft picks. When the team is finally ready, whomever is running the organization can fire him and bring in the head coach they believe  will take them to next level.

Around the League

NHL Power Rankings: Your Team’s Celebrity Fan Club Edition | Sportsnet

The choice for the Red Wings’ celebrity is trash. Based on the selection, they should be ranked dead last and not 30th. Sportsnet needs to cut it out and update this with Dave Coulier instead.