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Quick Hits: The Winning for the Future Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings confident strong finish will carry over into next season | Detroit News

Man, the last few weeks have been such mixed emotions for me.

On one hand, I’m really happy to see the players still working hard and trying to win. On the other hand, the Red Wings could be solidly in 30th place (or even within striking distance of 31st) had they not beaten the Golden Knights and Sharks. Thankfully, the Devils, Senators and Kings have all been winning some games too.

It’s going to be such an interesting final six games to determine the final NHL draft lottery percentages for the Wings.

  1. Tonight, March 28 at Sabres
  2. Tomorrow, March 29 vs Devils
  3. Sunday, March 31 vs Bruins
  4. Tuesday, April 2 vs Penguins
  5. Thursday, April 4 at Penguins
  6. Saturday, April 6 vs Sabres

Three very winnable games and three very losable games. The loser of tomorrow’s game against New Jersey will probably determine who finishes below who in the standings. And don’t sleep on Buffalo. They’ve done some real stealth tanking recently.

Around the League

Stanley Cup Madness: Who was the best champ of the past 16? | ESPN

Let’s go 2002 Red Wings and 2008 Red Wings.

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