Quick Hits: The Money to Burn Edition

In Red Wing Land

2019 Fantasy Camp | DetroitRedWings.com

If you’ve got some money to burn and don’t have to work for a few days in mid-August, then it’s your lucky day! You can skate with Dallas Drake, 2/3rds of The Grind Line, and maybe eat hot dogs with Larry Murphy at the Red Wings fantasy camp!

Steve Yzerman’s Tampa condo on the market for $1.695 million | Detroit News

AND! If you have even more money to burn, you can live where Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman used to spend his time while down in Tampa

A 3,316-square-foot condominium owned by Steve Yzeman in Tampa, Florida, is on the market for $1,695,000.

Sounds like a steal to me.

What kind of impact did Tyler Wright’s drafts have on the Red Wngs’ rebuild? | The Athletic ($)

But wait... there’s more! If you’ve got any money left over to burn after registering for fantasy camp and buying Yzerman’s condo, you can sign up for a subscription to The Athletic and read this article about Tyler Wright’s legacy as Red Wings Director of Amateur Scouting.

“You’ve gotta be able to draft right,” he said, “you’ve gotta be able to develop (and) you’ve gotta sit there and cross your fingers and hope the players turn out.”

First off, hope is not a strategy.

Second, Wright’s legacy won’t be etched in stone for awhile now. He made some interesting picks during his tenure running the drafts from 2014-19. Wright hit one home run and selected a lot of promising players.

The Dylan Larkin selection is the one that he knocked out of the park. After that, there are a bunch of promising players with potential. We’ll likely know a lot more about guys like Filip Zadina, Filip Hronek and Dennis Cholowski this upcoming season. Time will tell in regards to the likes of Evgeny Svechnikov, Michael Rasmussen, Joe Veleno, Jonatan Berggren, Jared McIsaac and Moritz Seider. Plus, maybe the Wings will find some free money in one of Wright’s mid-to-late round picks too?

Around the League

10 lessons from the 2019 NHL offseason | ESPN

This might be the most famous hockey-centric sitcom episode of all time, but it’s not the only one. Here are five other non-Puddy sitcom hockey episodes:


4. “Stanley’s Cup”

A sendup of “The Mighty Ducks,” with the backdrop of the Avalanche/Red Wings feud. And then things get dark at the end, even by South Park standards.

This is by far the greatest episode of South Park ever.