Quick Hits: Ericsson & Zetterberg Injury Updates

Red Wings News

Detroit’s Ericsson likely to miss Round 1 vs. Bruins | ProHockeyTalk
The Wings' already small chances of beating the Bruins would increase ever so slightly if Ericsson was in the lineup. But, I do not think his absence or presence will determine this series. If the Wings want to win, the entire team will have to be on fire every single game.

Red Wings playoff preview: 10 things to know about the Bruins | The Detroit News
1) They are really good. 2) So are we.

Zetterberg set to skate with team Tuesday, but ruled out for Games 1 and 2; Ericsson likely out first round | Red Wings Front
Considering that the Wings - Bruins series will probably stretch to six or seven games, there is a decent chance that Zetterberg will return this series. That said, as a few people pointed out on Twitter, I do not want Zetterberg to be rushed back. Serious back injuries are nothing to be taken lightly.

Prospect Follow-Up: Riley Sheahan - Octopus Thrower

A really good prospect update on Riley Sheahan.

Bruins vs. Red Wings preview: On paper, Boston clearly the superior team - SBNation.com
When has a game ever been won on paper? As we saw against Chicago last season, anything can happen. And that feat was nearly pulled off with a worse team than what we have right now.

Why Wings will win the Stanley Cup - Detroit Red Wings - News
This is the type of optimism that I like.

NHL News

Barry Trotz done with Predators after 15 seasons | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Barry Trotz served the Predators well. He really made something out of nothing with the team. It will be interesting to see who Nashville hires to replace him.

SB Nation's 2014 NHL Playoff Coverage | SBNation
Here is SBNation's NHL playoff bracket. It's great guys, check it out.

Book: Canada could support 3 more NHL teams - Sportsnet.ca
Three new teams may be one two many, but Canada could easily support two more teams. In addition to the obvious choice of Quebec City, I do see the NHL placing another team in the Toronto area in the near future. I am not a Leafs' fan, nor am I a Sabres' fan, but I do not understand where the supporters for this second team would come from.

Tortorella: Canucks are getting old, need to get younger | TSN
This is a very true statement by Torts. The Canucks need a young group of players.

Ranking Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014: Which first-round series is must-see? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Outside of the Wings - Bruins series, I am really looking forward to the Chicago - St. Louis one. I would have picked the Sharks - Kings series, but I'm sure all of those games will be at 10.30 PM so I will have little desire to stay up late and watch them.

Sabres, Panthers have best odds for 2014 NHL draft lottery | ProHockeyTalk
If you want to watch the draft lottery take place, it will be broadcast on NBCSN and TSN at 8 PM tonight.

Sharks vs. Kings schedule: Battle of California resumes in Stanley Cup Playoffs - SBNation.com
This is going to be an interesting series. I think I'm leaning towards San Jose, although the Kings may very well pull through.

Calgary Flames intend to build on new base and return to NHL playoffs - The Hockey News
It's weird. While Edmonton hands down has the best prospect corps going forward, I feel way more confident that the Flames will rebound and make the playoffs. Their current prospects are developing well, and I don't think they are a complete dumpster fire like their neighbors in Alberta are.

Shanahan: There's a lot of work to be done - Sportsnet.ca

It will be interesting to see how much of his power Shanahan exerts on Dave Nonis. Basically, will Shanny try and sign players or will he leave that job to his GM.

Cullen: Forecasting the first round using shots, save pct. | TSN
Predicting the playoff series using some basic stats.

On the hot seat: McPhee will ‘talk in a couple of days’ | ProHockeyTalk
Both GM George McPhee and head coach Adam Oates are on the hot seat in Washington.

Help Us, Montreal Canadiens, You're Canada's Only Hope | The Hockey Writers

This year really was a terrible one for the Canadian teams. While I do expect the Canadiens to beat the Lightning, I have a hard time seeing them beat the Wings/Bruins in round two.

VIDEO: The best goals, saves and moments of 2013-14 season - CBSSports.com
A look back at some of the best moments of this season. For the Wings. I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. And hopefully that feeling will not subside until mid-June.

Questions loom as NHL regular season ends | USA Today
One of the questions was whether Martin Brodeur had a future in the NHL. The answer was that Marty would be a very serviceable and sought after backup. But, based off of everything Brodeur has said this season, he has no intention on playing second fiddle. His relative ignorance of his obvious regression may cost him an NHL job next season.

Let's Go Red Wings!