Quick Hits: Focus On The Future Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings’ Tyler Bertuzzi, Dylan Larkin Shine As Season Winds Down | Helene St. James, Detroit Free Press

In the death-throes of a tough season, it’s important to remember that good days lay ahead for the Red Wings.  The evidence for this can be found in our new batch of young-guns, who aren’t slowing down in the face of a long summer golfing and an impending lottery pick.

Around The League

It’s Time For Action | Ken Dryden, The Players’ Tribune

The Players’ Tribune rarely disappoints with their guest authors and original pieces, and this article is no exception.  Dryden is a bit circuitous sometimes, but his message and his reasoning are sound: players are already naturally starting to phase out head hits, so now is the time for Gary Bettman to push to make any head hit illegal.

Anyone looking for some extra credit before the end of the semester would do well to check out some older pieces that come to mind from TPT: A Guy Like Me by John Scott from his All-Star appearance, and last month’s Bleeding Out by Clint Malarchuk.  It’s Saturday, sit down and have yourself a good reading session.

How The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Tripled Their Salaries By Banding Together | Judith Brumley and Romy Oltuski, InStyle

After the pieces by TPT, maybe you’re in need of a feel-good story.  So, here’s one about the U.S. women’s team scoring a major victory to be paid well enough for hockey to be their jobs instead of their expensive hobby - and even with this win, there’s still a ways to go toward bringing treatment of women’s national teams up to the same level that many men’s natinal teams are treated.  Keep it up, ladies!