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Quick Hits: Gordie Howe Improving

Red Wings News

Report: Gordie Howe ‘walking under own power’ – Sportsnet.ca
Great news! Apparently he is planning on making a public appearance at a celebrity dinner on February 6th.

Red Wings try to settle prospect Mattias Backman’s frustration over lack of playing time | MLive.com
Mattias Bäckman has considered returning back to Sweden due to a lack of playing time in Grand Rapids. The Wings obviously do want want to lose him to the SHL, and he wants to play in the NHL, but he also wants to play. I think he stays, but you have to realize how enticing returning to the SHL would be for him.

Red Wings’ young forwards starting to take over – SBNation.com
You may not be thinking about it, but the Wings’ next core group of players is developing in front of our eyes. Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan, Ouellet, Mrazek, and Mantha are all going to be key players for the Wings for years to come.

Michigan Tech Huskies Are Off to a Milestone Start – NYTimes.com
The Huskies are off to one of the best starts they have had in decades.

A closer look at two potential Red Wings trade targets | FOX Sports

Who would you prefer: Tyler Myers or Mike Green? He has not been the player that he was during the beginning of his career, but I would rather have Green instead of Myers.

NHL News

James Neal becomes first NHL player fined for diving in league crackdown | Puck Daddy
How fitting that it was Neal who was the first player to be fined for diving. I wonder if the NHL will be more willing to hand these fines out now that they have used them once?

Update your wallcharts: Rangers confirm Brassard has mumps | ProHockeyTalk
The mumps strike again!

NHL discusses whether to ban public visits during mumps outbreak | USA Today
Going to a hospital when a disease like the mumps is going around is not a smart decision. It is good that the NHL is reacting cautiously to the disease.

NHL power rankings: Blue Jackets, Maple Leafs take small steps forward – SBNation.com
The Red Wings fell this week in the power rankings, from 5th to 7th place.

Sportsnet’s Top 30 NHL Draft Prospects: Dec. 17, 2014 – Sportsnet.ca
You will never guess who the top-2 prospects are. Zack Werenski, who plays for UofM, was ranked at #19.

Dallas Stars jumbotron creates jokes, snark and joy | Puck Daddy
The people who run the jumbotron like Monty Python. That is enough to get me on their side.

Claude Giroux pulls elementary school gag, wipes snot on referee before faceoff | The Hockey News
Very mature Claude…

After surprising start, Flames sign Hartley to multi-year contract extension | ProHockeyTalk
Smart move by Hartley to have this extension completed quickly. With a team like Calgary, you never know when a long losing-streak may occur.

Report: Russia’s economic crisis hitting KHL, salaries may be halved – CBSSports.com
It is easy to forget that sports are affected by real world decisions. The KHL is feeling the effects of a tumbling ruble, while the NHL will also feel the effects, albeit much smaller, of a weakening Canadian dollar.

Jaromir Jagr calls for pass, gets ignored by teammate – SBNation.com
He may not be the player that he was a decade ago, but he’s still Jagr. Pass him the puck when he’s open!

Let’s Go Red Wings!

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