Quick Hits: Happy Belated Anniversary Edition

In Red Wings Land

Steve Yzerman on Detroit Red Wings’ 1997 triumph: ‘I didn’t want the game to end’

Wow. 24 years since the 42-year Cupless drought came to an end. I was 2 when the Wings won in ‘97.

Around the League

This year has brought us some of the most exciting playoff matchups we’ve seen in years. From Vegas and Colorado’s bout to the clash of the titans in Tampa, adrenaline-pumping hockey seems to be all the rage. Unfortunately, it’s also brought us...the North Division’s snoozefest. Between Toronto’s impressive blunder and the Schiefele hit, entertainment has been far and few between in the North. Was the Montreal/Winnipeg series boring on its own, or is it against stiff competition with Vegas/Colorado, Boston/New York, and Carolina/Tampa? I’m going to go with the latter.

With the sweep complete, the Habs will face off against the winner of the Colorado and Vegas series. I can’t imagine it will be much of a matchup. Having said that...the Leafs underestimated the Habs when they played them in the first round. Could the same thing happen to the Avs or Knights?

Personally, I want to see a Habs/Bruins final just for the pure toxicity of both groups. Can you imagine the collective meltdown the fans will have if a questionable hit happens, or a call goes the other way? It’s highly unlikely that either team makes it, but a curator of chaos can dream.