Quick Hits: Holmstrom Taking Big Steps Forward, NHL Expansion Process Underway, Radulov Returning, and Depression in the NHL

Red Wings News:

Pat Caputo - Detroit Red Wings badly need to add size and grit | The Oakland Press

Hahahaha. Whatever you say, Caputo.

Wings pick Axel Holmstrom takes big step forward | The Detroit News

Red Wings latest 7th round steal Axel Holmstrom provides some insight on taking the next step in his hockey career. He looks to provide consistent offense for his SHL next season, and hopefully move to North America shortly after to play in the AHL.

Defenseman Jarett Meyer creating 'big' impression at Detroit Red Wings development camp | MLive.com

This kid is six-foot-nine. He's a mountain. The problem? He's one-dimesional, and provides little-to-no offense. His size alone will likely earn him a good look from the Red Wings organization.

Detroit Red Wings have a lot more moves to make | Detroit Free Press

Oh you know, just Detroit sports media personalities taking a few more pokes at the "trade Jimmy Howard" shtick. Ho-hum...

NHL News:

First step in NHL expansion process underway - TSN

Do you want to own an NHL team? It's only just a little over $1 million to apply! And, of course, you know, that $500 million expansion fee.

Evgeny Kuznetsov re-signs with Washington Capitals for two years - NHL.com

The very-talented 23-year-old Russian has extended his stay with the Capitals for another two years worth $6 million.

Alexander Radulov considers NHL return in KHL free agency: Report | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Oh boy.. The extremely talented Alexander Radulov wants to come back to the NHL? I can't wait to see what he ends up getting paid. Surely there will be teams breaking out the checkbook to acquire this KHL all star.

Drugs, Alcohol and Depression in the NHL | The McGill Daily

This is a very important read in regards to the NHL's protocol with players who battle substance abuse and mental illness. Many thanks to those players who have come out and voiced their opinions on this. It's an extremely serious matter that is often overlooked.