Quick Hits: Is Thomas Vanek A Perfect Fit?

The Big Story

Shea Weber powers Canadiens’ early surge after controversial trade | Puck Daddy

The Habs got another 2 points last night and it seems -- at least for the early part of this season -- they could be considered the winners of the Shea Weber-P.K. Subban trade with the Predators. Weber right now has nine points in seven games. He scored his 3rd goal of the season last night in a victory over the Islanders. It's still way too early to declare a final winner of the deal, but Montreal's early success is helping them stay atop the Atlantic Division standings at the moment (as long as Carey Price doesn't get hurt).

In Red Wings Land

Six forgotten players off to fast starts | USA Today

Thomas Vanek gets some love for his hot start. The winger is tied for the team lead in both goals and points. Vanek was a low risk signing that had the chance to pay off big for the Red Wings. Thus far, he's found the right role on this team and is thriving. It'll be really interesting to see how the season plays out and if he can keep up the production.

Let's Go Red Wings.