Quick Hits: It Could Be Worse Edition

In Red Wings Land

5 Teams in a Worse Spot Than the Detroit Red Wings - LWOS

For the next three seasons, $47.25 million of [the San Jose Sharks’] cap will be tied to players ages 30 or older. Evander Kane will make $7M per year until 2025-26. Logan Couture will be 37 when his contract ends, making $8M per year until the 2027-28 season. Erik Karlsson, who was signed to a monstrous contract, makes $11.5M per year until 2027-28. He and the rest of the Sharks have played far, far beneath the value of their contracts. To say they’re in a bad place is an understatement.

That...doesn’t bode well for the Sharks. At least it isn’t us!

Around the League

31 Thoughts: The Chicago Blackhawks and the Stanley Cup Final

A former Chicago Blackhawks player is suing the organization alleging sexual assault during the 2009-10 season. Jeff and Elliotte give their thoughts on the situation (00:00) and try to provide more details from what they have gathered. They also preview the Stanley Cup final between the Canadiens and the Lightning (6:30), wonder how the Islanders will approach their off-season (19:30), discuss a couple of the coaching vacancies, and much more.

Sportsnet waited until the last moment to report on the situation. It’s good to hear that Elliotte Friedman and others have finally acknowledged it. Having said that, there needs to be some serious accountability on the NHL’s part. Stan Bowman should not be allowed near an NHL game again.