Quick Hits: Las Vegas, Quebec Reach Phase 3, Kings Sign Ehrhoff, NHL and the Law

For Monday, August 24, 2015

Detroit Red Wings News

Ranking Top 15 Red Wings Prospects: Anthony Mantha - Winging It In Motown
Hey, so there was another prospect we looked at on Friday. You may have heard of this kid.

2002 Playoffs: Every Goal by Red Wings Hall of Famers | Awood40 — Youtube
I make no apologies if you ruin your productivity this morning.

Detroit Red Wings Taco Dinner - Winging It In Motown
Anonymous sources have told Winging It in Motown about a taco night team dinner held by the Detroit Red Wings. Here's a rundown of what happened.

Around the NHL

Update: Quebec City, Las Vegas officially invited to Phase III of expansion process | The Hockey News
Supposedly, we'll find out if they actually will become new franchises by Sept. 4.

Kings Sign Christian Ehrhoff to One-Year Deal - Jewels From The Crown
Terms disclosed by John Hoven and are pegged at one year, $1.5 million. I'll keep beating this drum: Ehrhoff left a lot of money on the table last offseason.

Daniel Carcillo wants to help ex-NHL players plan for life after hockey - Second City Hockey
I want to be snarky about how Carcillo wants to help NHL players plan for life after hockey when he's put that future at risk for other players with some of his antics, but there's a twinge of sincerity that makes me not want to make fun of a player trying to do a good thing.

The Curious Case of Alex Semin | Null_Hypothesis Hockey
Alexander Semin's constantly been derided as a lazy hockey player, and the last few seasons have been a bit of confirmation bias since he's experienced the typical player decline. But there are other factors at work that show how Semin might actually work out pretty well for Montreal in the expected role he'll get.

Women's hockey leagues in tense tug-of-war over star players | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
If the NWHL lasts longer than two seasons, there will be a merger.

Historical goal differential shows which teams have been the ‘wealthiest’ throughout history | The Hockey News
"In their first 12 years of existence, the Edmonton Oilers built up an 800 goal cushion. That’s entirely gone now and they’re in the negatives." Hahahhahahahaha

Wild assistant coach Sydor arrested for DUI - Article - TSN
". . . failing a field sobriety test as he drove his 12-year-old son to his hockey game." Goodness, if he were that drunk on the road, I hate to think of what he would have been capable of if he were sitting in the stands at the game.

Patrick Kane case shows NHL's poor handling of domestic violence, sexual assault | NHL | Sporting News
I think the league is legitimately hog-tied by the legal system for a variety of reasons, but it's hard to argue for a continued "laissez-faire approach" by the NHL in the wake of MLB releasing its policies for dealing with players accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.

The Ugly "What if" - Canes Country
What if the Carolina Hurricanes decide to trade Eric Staal?

How Closely Can a Great Goalie Keep a Bad Team in Games? - In Lou We Trust
Goaltending is still "voodoo" for the analytics community, but does this analysis convince you of how valuable Cory Schneider is to the New Jersey Devils?

NHL forces marijuana company to change stock listing, is a bummer | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Marijuana use and possession for non-medical purposes is still a federal offense in many areas of the United States, so I don't see why anyone expected the NHL to let this go once they got wind of it.

Alfie close to joining the Sens front office? - Silver Seven
Former Red Wing Daniel Alfredsson's return to Ottawa might be sooner than a lot of people expected.

Download CWHL+NWHL Monthly Calendars | Ash on Ice — Wordpress
Schedules for the upcoming women's hockey leagues combined into one for your convenience. Now who's going to do the NCAA women's hockey schedules?

San Jose Sharks as actual sharks - Fear The Fin
Logan Couture's spirit shark is too perfect.

Rocchi: Three ways you can become a better hockey parent | Calgary Herald
The summer is winding down, and players of all ages begin practising for their upcoming hockey season. Here are ways hockey parents — and sports parents in general — can be better for their child(ren) and for themselves.

Report: Leo Komarov slapped with $40,000 fine for speeding in Finland | The Hockey News
Well, that seems a little excessive, even considering that it's for two fines of speeding and two fines of fraud.

Tomas Kopecky interested in returning to Blackhawks, per report - Second City Hockey
Former Red Wing Tomas Kopecky is looking to not be a former Blackhawk anymore and actually be a Blackhawk again.

Playoff pool a key factor in AHL-PHPA CBA negotiations | Wrong side of the red line
I was hoping to find the schedule for the Ontario Reign yesterday so I could plan to see the Griffins play, but that doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon if this keeps going on. Let's not make it too close for comfort though: "Consider the prior CBA, which expired this summer, was ratified on Oct. 8, 2010 — opening night of the 2010 season."

It's been real - Battle of California
BOC is getting another San Jose Sharks writer. But that means Stace is leaving.