Quick Hits: Lidstrom Not Coming Back (Yet)

Baby come back

Red Wings News

Lidstrom declines assistant coach job with Red Wings | Toronto Sun
I remember a rumor a while back that Lidstrom might cut his career short to bring his kids up in Sweden. This isn't a surprise. (J.J.)

Red Wings outlook: Talented Tomas Tatar could be even more productive after breakout season | MLive.com
Fun fact: I won last year's WIIM Datsyuk League with team Tatar Trade Request. DUN DUN DUN! I even faced off in the playoffs against Tatar's Tots!

Shannon Hogan Moving From Fox Sports Detroit To MSG | The Malik Report
FAREWELL Shannon. You'll BE missed. I WISH YOU well in your new GIG. (J.J.)

Puck Daddy's Most Disappointing Summer Series: Detroit Red Wings Edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Graham wrote this. Go read it because it's good. (J.J.)

Top 10: Coolest Detroit Red Wings records - Along the Boards
In case you don't want to end your Red Wings news on a disappointing note, have some Red Wings records to remember that we can be awesome too.

Around the NHL

Craig Anderson Re-signs with Senators, 3 Years, $4.2M AAV - Silver Seven
If the vote is to be believed, Sens fans are generally positive about this signing. I don't blame them. Anderson is probably worth that. It's not a great deal, but it's not terrible. (J.J.)
Yeah, how about we make this signing look terrible every game against us, huh Red Wings?

Why Nick Foligno Should Wear The "C" in Columbus - The Cannon
Of all the candidates for the captaincy in Columbus, Nick Foligno is among them. Jeff Little explains why he'd make a good one. (J.J.)
I'll admit this suggestion sounds pretty off the wall to me, but it actually could work.

The NHL wasn't happy with Krusty the Clown vomiting into the Stanley Cup | theScore
Well, with everything else that's happened to that trophy, I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet (that I know of).

Blues Reveal Old-Style New Jerseys: Pass Or Fail? (Hint: It's Pass) - St. Louis Game Time
The Blues new jerseys are a bit of a classic, but I'm not sure about the design concept of having a big steaming pile of dogshit six inches above the collar. (J.J.)
Hey, look at our new jerseys! Which are pretty much just switching back to an old jersey!

Rich Clune calls out Twitter chirper... literally - On the Forecheck
Rich Clune is an adult. (J.J.)

Steve Dangle: Bloggers Be Gettin' Paid | Teespring
I probably shouldn't be expecting a check in my mailbox anytime soon. The fancy-stat-ers hired by NHL teams this offseason begot this shirt idea begot this shirt.

Chris Stewart on Sabres season: "Tanking is not in my DNA" | Post-to-Post
Again, I ask: What would "tanking" for McDavid look like?