Quick Hits: The Rasmussen wins it for Detroit Edition

In Red Wings Land

Rasmussen scores in OT to give Wings 3-2 victory over Pittsburgh | Detroit News

Ted Kulfan recaps last night’s Red Wings win over the Penguins and gives his take on the play of Michael Rasmussen, Jimmy Howard and the tandem of Dylan Larkin and Tyler Bertuzzi.

Highlights from the game are below.

Your other goal scorers were Jussi Jokinen and Trevor Hamilton.

Around the League

Insider Trading: Nylander and Leafs closer on a deal? | TSN

Who cares about the Maple Leafs? Linking to this article because of this:

It’s a little known rule in the CBA to the point that Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner, actually sent out a memo this summer, it didn’t have Karlsson’s name in it, but it had a memo explaining to all 31 teams ‘remember this rule’ because he was still on the Ottawa roster after the last trade deadline. You have to wait until the next trade deadline to be able to sign an eight-year deal with your new team, so San Jose has to wait because you assume that if Karlsson does want to re-sign in San Jose, we’re not saying for sure he does, that he would want the eight-year max.

I had no idea Erik Karlsson couldn’t immediately sign an extension with the Sharks. It would be cool if San Jose was terrible this season and Karlsson decides not to re-sign after being forced to wait so long. I still have dreams of him being the next Swedish superstar in Detroit.