Quick Hits: Missing Anthony Mantha

In Red Wings Land

'Not good enough': Wings fall in OT to Bruins | The Detroit News

Pretend you're Jeff Blashill for a moment. You're headed on the road to Boston and you're missing your top two goal scorers in Thomas Vanek and Dylan Larkin. Your team is now going to need help putting the puck in the net with those two players out.

So why the heck did Anthony Mantha only play 9:15 last night?

I know the Red Wings scored 3 goals and made it to overtime, but don't you think Mantha could've helped get you that extra point in the extra period?

The Big Story

The many varieties of NHL goal scorers and how they get the job done | Sportsnet.ca

Interesting article taking a look at your top 5-on-5 goal scorers and how these players find the back of the net. Auston Matthews is different than Sidney Crosby and they're both different than Alex Ovechkin.

From the article:

However, on an individual player level I do think there’s something useful to be gleaned from examining how and why certain player types are finding ways to be productive. It can help clue us in on if there’s a specific reason why they’re successful, whether they’ve stumbled upon a formula that’ll work for them and other similar players, and if it’s something that can help us explain the unexpected.

There really isn't just one formula to find the back of the net. However, I think Crosby's method might be the most obvious and most successful.

Factors such as linemates, ice time and competition is all included in the post. Nice mention of Andreas Athanasiou and his usage (or lack there of) by the Red Wings.

Let's Go Red Wings.