Quick Hits: More Arena News And Details

Red Wings News

A look at the new Red Wings arena district | Detroit Free Press
I am loving the plan for the new arena. The concept looks great, hopefully they can pull through and make it as nice as they want it to be.

Where Does Darren Helm Fit In Detroit? - Octopus Thrower

This article makes a good point. Assuming that Weiss is healthy and that he plays somewhat like he used to in Florida, the log-jam at the center position becomes even more complicated than what it already is. Assuming that Datsyuk, Weiss, and Sheahan are your top-3 centers, that leaves Helm, Andersson, and Glendening fighting for one spot. Helm obviously wins that battle, but that means that he is probably playing on the 4th line.

New arena revives speculation about Pistons move to Detroit | Crain's Detroit Business

It could make a fair bit of sense for the Pistons to share the new arena with the Wings. A lot of arenas do this (Staples Center, MSG), so it's not an unheard of concept.

An Ilitch development time line: Efforts in Detroit date to 1980s | Detroit Free Press

The only thing that I wish Ilitch would have done was to buy the Pistons. Besides that, he's done so much for the city of Detroit. As a native Detroiter (suburbs, same thing) I appreciate that a lot.

NHL News

5 interesting salary arbitration cases | USA Today
Vladimir Sobotka's and Ryan O'Rielly's arbitration cases are by far the most interesting this year. Sobotka's already signed a three-year deal in the KHL, and O'Rielly hates the Avalanche, and the Avalanche hate him (or his agent at least).

THN’s pre-season prediction debates underscores how parity has made the NHL unpredictable | Post-to-Post
There are always a couple of teams (Kings, Blackhawks, Red Wings) that are going to make the playoffs every year, but besides them, there is little seperating the other teams in the NHL. Nearly anyone can make the playoffs, which means that nearly anyone can win the Cup.

Leafs’ Clarkson says ‘it’s not a secret’ things didn’t go well | ProHockeyTalk

I think that a lot of people expected that Clarkson would not live up to his massive contract that he was given last summer, but, his performance last season was even below my expectations.

Panthers re-sign Kulikov to three-year, $13M deal | TSN

Dmitry Kulikov is probably the Panthers' best defenseman, and he deserves his new $4.33 million cap hit.

Puck Daddy chats with NHL 15 producer Sean Ramjagsingh about moving to next-gen, improved physics and living crowds | Puck Daddy
For all of you who play the NHL games, this is worth a read.

Michael Del Zotto among 'risky' free agents worth taking chance on - CBSSports.com
I am still very surprised that no one has signed Del Zotto yet, but he'll find a team before the season begins.

Gotta See It: Guy drives ball off Seguin's lap - Sportsnet.ca
Seguin seems like an interesting lad.

Oops: Every player from start of Oilers rebuild now elsewhere | ProHockeyTalk
The Oilers have turned around their entire team since 2009, but, how much progress has actually been made?

The top 5 NHL players whose names begin with 'D' - SBNation.com
Datsyuk, Delvecchio, and DeKeyser.

Let's Go Red Wings!