Quick Hits: My First Day Edition

In Red Wings Land

Some interesting stories here shared between Shanahan, Osgood, and Murphy about Shanny’s first days in Detroit and Scotty Bowman. Most interesting to me is how Shanahan was just thrown into the deep end and Scotty basically said, “good luck sport, you’ll do great.”

Jonatan Berggren is back to playing with the Griffins after coming off from injury and has three goals and one assist in four games on the season. For those worried about him, the early reports seem to be that he hasn’t missed a beat. See above.

Around the League

ESPN Power Rankings Place Wings at 22nd Despite Holding 10th Best Points Percentage in the NHL.

I hate to dog pile on ESPN and just make a space to complain about things. Really, this just gets me thinking about where the Wings actually sit relative to other teams in the league. Personally, I think they’re somewhere between 10th and 22nd. My head says 18th, my heart says 13th.