Quick Hits: One Week Closer to the Draft

Red Wings News

Hockey Hall of Fame: Ex-Red Wing Dominik Hasek expected to headline class | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Debate all you want; for my money, Hasek is the most-dominant goalie to ever play NHL hockey.

Detroit Red Wings trade talk: Defenseman Keith Yandle would command hefty price | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
There's not really reason outside Helene's ramblings to suggest this is even a possibility, but we're still more than a week away, so guess all you want. He's basically a more-proven, slightly smaller, left-shooting Matt Niskanen who will cost less cap space and is only signed for another two years. Is that worth the glut of benefit the team would have to give up?

Detroit Red Wings give out life advice on Twitter this morning | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
I've had all weekend to think about it and I still don't specifically know. I guess it's based on whether you're assuming it was her ONLY goal in life to marry a Red Wings player. Hell, I'd marry Pavel Datsyuk.

Wings in no hurry to replace Peters | Windsor Star
Jiri Fischer would be interesting, considering Peters worked on the defensive side of the team.

Noise-related lawsuit against Helm, Tatar has been dismissed | ProHockeyTalk
The lawsuit was dropped because Tatar moved out. Hooray!(?)

NHL News

NHL Super Schedule 2014-15: Travel Miles by Team - Hockey Gear HQ
The Super Schedule is out, breaking down travel by team.

Patrick Roy doesn’t thinks Avs’ defense is far behind Kings | ProHockeyTalk
Breaking: Patrick Roy is dumb.

Jason Spezza trade demand public relations counteroffensive begins | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I will tell you 100% truthfully: if the Wings start acting like the Sens with drilling up the spin machine trying to convince fans that the guys they're driving out of town are the problem, I hope the fans have the guts to punish them for it.

NHL Free Agency 2014: Who should the Predators look at, and who should they avoid? - On the Forecheck
If there are players the Preds don't want, what does that say?

Spend Money, Get Points. Unless You're the Maple Leafs of Course. - Pension Plan Puppets
I great look at how teams have fared relative to their spending.

Cat's out of the bag, Florida Panthers name Gerard Gallant new head coach - Litter Box Cats
It'll be interesting to see how Huberdeau responds to being reunited with his former coach. I think this will be a good hire for them.

2014-15 NHL schedule released: Regular season opens October 8, closes April 11 - SBNation.com
The 2014-15 NHL season begins on October 8 with four games. It ends on April 11. Here are the highlights.