Quick Hits: Pavel Datsyuk To Play Tonight

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Looking forward to a game on Friday! I am in...</p>&mdash; Pavel Datsyuk (@Datsyuk13) <a href="https://twitter.com/Datsyuk13/statuses/451763681861570560">April 3, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Red Wings starting to show they're good enough | The Detroit News
As much as I want to imagine what this team would be like with Datsyuk and Zetterberg healthy, one question always seems to pop up in my mind. Would the young guys still be as good and productive as they are now?

Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist joins Alex Ovechkin and Pavel Bure as breakout goal-scorers - NHL.com - News

Gustav Nyquist is in good company.

Red Wings' Gustav Nyquist scores another highlight goal as youngsters sparkle again | MLive.com

Jimmy Howard compared Nyquist to Calvin Johnson. I love that comparison.

Wings' Glendening talks to Griffins' Callahan after gruesome Twitter photo | FOX Sports on MSN
If anyone can keep up a good spirit after an injury like the one he just suffered, it is Mitch Callahan.

NHL News

Douglas Murray suspended three games for head hit | USA Today
Considering that Murray was a first-time offender, receiving only a 3-game suspension makes sense.

Canucks GM Mike Gillis makes ‘John Tortorella or me’ ultimatum | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
I have a feeling that most Canucks' fans want both Tortorella and Gillis out of Vancouver.

Canucks’ gong-show year should end with Sedins being traded in the off-season | Post-to-Post
Even if the Canucks want to trade the twins, I don't know if they want to leave. Plus, you can't just trade for one Sedin, you have to acquire both. Few teams can afford that price-tag, and that's not mentioning the cap hits that they have.

Report: Jets' Kane accused of assault by Vancouver man | TSN
The incident apparently occurred during the summer of 2013. Considering that nothing about it has emerged until now, I have a hard time believing that Kane will face any serious punishment.

After ‘momentary’ lapse, Oates will tell Ovechkin ‘the same message I tell him all the time’ | ProHockeyTalk
Ovechkin is such a catch-22. Because, for all the great stuff that he does offensively, he is a terrible player on defense.

Hockey Canada CEO Nicholson to step down - Sportsnet.ca
Bob Nicholson, Hockey Canada's president and CEO, is stepping down.

Devils being derailed by historically poor shootout season - CBSSports.com
The Devils are 0-11 in the shootout this season. That is terrible.

Sergei Bobrovsky vs. Steve Mason: Traded goalies finally meet | For The Win

In the end, both goalies are probably happy that they were traded. It's worked out well for the pair.

NHL playoff format: Is the new system working for you? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
So far so good. But, the real test of this format will be the actual playoffs.

Recovering Ryan sees long-term future with Senators | TSN
Bobby Ryan, the "upgrade" over Alfredsson, wasn't exactly an "upgrade".

VIDEO: Predators campaign for Shea Weber to win Norris Trophy - CBSSports.com
There is no standout defenseman this year for the award, so Weber certainly has a chance.

Habs, Leafs most popular NHL teams on Google - Sportsnet.ca
The Red Wings are the 6th most searched NHL team on Google. Also, the Lions are towards the bottom of the NFL list, while the Tigers and Pistons rank relatively high.

Paul Martin recovered from Sochi injury, will play Thursday for Pens - CBSSports.com
This was the first sentence of the article: "No team has been hit harder this season in the injury department than the Pittsburgh Penguins". Um, hello?!?!

Hurricanes score thanks to a crazy bounce - SBNation.com
This was almost as good as the Wings off-the-net goal. Almost.

Claude Giroux, Philadelphia's "Hart" & Soul | The Hockey Writers
Claude Giroux has single-handedly turned around the Flyers season. Based on how he is performing now, it is hard to believe that Giroux had that scoring drought at the beginning of season.

Let's Go Red Wings!