Quick Hits: Red Wings Organization Counters John Oliver, O'Reilly to Face Off-Ice Discipline, Decision Coming from Oduya

Red Wings News:

Red Wings ownership counters John Oliver's knock | Detroit Free Press

Really like what Illitch did here. He explained the project thoroughly, and more importantly dished on what this project could mean for the city of Detroit:

"This project is about so much more than a world-class sports and entertainment arena; it's about transforming a core part of our city for the benefit of the entire community," the statement said. "The new Detroit arena and The District Detroit will create 8,300 construction and construction-related jobs, as well as at least 1,100 permanent jobs. To date, the Detroit Downtown Development Authority has approved nine contracts worth $121 million, of which Detroit-based and -headquartered businesses have won more than 88% — or $106 million. Initiatives of this size, scope and impact — $1.8 billion dollars for our city, region and state — are almost universally public-private partnerships. The majority of this development is being privately financed, and no City of Detroit general funds are involved whatsoever."

Listen to WIIM Radio Live | Winging It In Motown

In case you missed it, we had another version of WIIM Radio go live. Go listen to us chatter about the Red Wings development camp, free agency, coaching, and more!

NHL News:

O'Reilly case likely subject to NHL's off-ice discipline policy | BN Hockey

Not a surprise here, but Ryan O'Reilly will not see any discipline from the Buffalo Sabres or the NHL, it seems.

Why Fixing The Fourth Line Is So Important | Blueshirt Banter

I liked this article from BSB, more because, hey, Detroit needs to fix their fourth line too.. Or the way it is used, at least.

Johnny Oduya is close to making decision in free agency | NHL.com

How slow is news right now? So slow that Johnny Oduya's decision on who he will sign with is a big deal.