Quick Hits: Sergei Fedorov's Money Troubles, Jiri Fischer Interview, Eric Tulsky to the Hurricanes

For Friday, August 21, 2015

Detroit Red Wings News

Red Wings outlook: Impending UFA Kyle Quincey needs to continue playing safe, simple game | MLive.com
Khan takes a look at Kyle Quincey. I have a hard time saying anyone should be playing a "safe" game because safe is death, but I will say that I hope his veteran savvy has told him to be more judicious in shot selection, especially if Jeff Blashill involves the defensemen in the offense more.

Wayne Gretzky Was Almost Traded to the Detroit Red Wings | The Hockey Writers
I don't think the alternate version where the Red Wings acquire Gretzky is as dire as this piece seems to make it out to be, but it's still an interesting look at "what if?"

"Expertly Translated": Jiri Fischer discusses his present work and future aspirations with Hokej.cz | The Malik Report - Kukla's Korner
Jiri Fischer interview talking about his current role in player development and potential future aspirations.

Red Wings great Federov testifies he lost $40M to Zada scheme | The Palm Beach Post (paywall)
Sergei Fedorov testified in Joseph Zada’s federal trial Aug. 20 in West Palm Beach that he lost $40 million to Zada investment fraud.

Red Wings' Tomas Jurco has plenty to prove in crowded forward corps | Detroit Free Press
"He had a fan in Babcock, at whose behest Jurco stayed up all last season." Babcock was such a fan, he kept him on the fourth line almost all season.

Around the NHL

The Heavyweight Belt of NHL Rivalries " Grantland
You can probably guess which was the best of the bunch mentioned here.

Hurricanes Hire Eric Tulsky As Stat Analyst - Canes Country
Tulsky is a former SB Nation blogger, both for Broad Street Hockey and for his own SBN-sponsored site, Outnumbered. He had said he'd been hired part-time a while back, if I recall correctly, but no one knew what team because he didn't disclose it. Now we know that it was the Carolina Hurricanes all along.

To Cody Franson, A letter from the #FransonWatch Front - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Somehow, Cody Franson is still unsigned, but our friends at Stanley Cup of Chowder are looking to correct this imbalance in the hockey universe.

NHL's unemployment line long with training camps near | USA Today Sports
I actually wonder if this is an argument for expansion. " 'We haven’t had expansion in 15 years, and we’ve had an influx of players,' [Ken] Holland said. 'Connor McDavid is showing up this season (at age 18). So he is taking someone’s spot.' "

NHL has a disturbing lack of Pride Nights for LGBT fans | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Not entirely sure this is "disturbing." Again, the NHL and its individual teams are a business. Asking for/ demanding an LGBT Pride Night of some kind means the team has to see some sort of money-making opportunity in it. I think cleaning up fan behavior should be higher priority in terms of the NHL and its relationship to LGBT issues, though that isn't mutually exclusive with having a Pride Night.

Zeitgeist: Adidas already preparing for 2017 NHL Advertiser Draft - Lighthouse Hockey
I'm personally looking forward to the NHL Advertiser draft lottery. I can't believe the NHL let all those teams tank for the best spots in the Advertiser draft.

O’Reilly’s impaired driving hearing pushed back to September | ProHockeyTalk
"Buffalo's big offseason acquisition didn't appear in court on Thursday." Oh great.

Show Them | The Players' Tribune
"As we were beginning our descent, my phone rang. In all the travel I had done throughout my career, my phone never rang while I was still in the air. It was the worst phone call I have ever received."

Gotta Burn It To Build It? - Nucks Misconduct
A brief history of #Tanking, and whether it's actually worth it to go through all the years of suck just to try and maybe win a Stanley Cup at some point in the undefined future.

Our #KnightWatch has ended: Knight, Decker, Bellamy, and Marvin sign with Boston Pride - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Four former Boston Blades will now call the Boston Pride their home this season. This is actually pretty monumental, both from the Blades' standpoint of now potentially getting absolutely screwed in losing four players like these, and from the Pride's perspective of getting four USA Women's National Team players. Side note: Not sure this was intentional on the part of the hashtag, but #KnightWatch made me think of this.