Quick Hits: The Signing Deadline Edition

In Red Wings Land

Should the Red Wings sign any of the following players that they took in the 2017 NHL Draft?

  • C Lane Zablocki (3rd RD, 79th overall)
  • C Zach Gallant (3rd RD, 83rd overall)
  • D Cole Fraser (5th RD, 131st overall)
  • D Reilly Webb (6th RD, 164th overall)
  • C Brady Gilmour (7th RD, 193rd overall)/

Around the League

Ranking Brad Marchand’s top 25 heel moments | ESPN

But here’s another name: heel.

He’s Ric Flair. He’s Chris Jericho. He’s that quintessential combination of athleticism, verbosity and a willingness to win dirty that creates a character you love to hate, when you’re not just outright hating him.

I think the top three are hard to argue.