Quick Hits: You’re my Boy Edition

In Red Wings Land

Former Red Wings top pick Evgeny Svechnikov signs with Winnipeg’s AHL club | MLive

Svechnikov’s had a rough go of his career. From multiple surgeries to getting waived twice by the Red Wings last season, things haven’t been easy for Evgeny. It’s gotta be hard to move from Detroit, where there’s a lot to do outside, to Winnipeg,  where there’s not much going on. (Don’t tell Jalen Green I said that, though).

All the best to Evgeny Svechnikov. Here’s to hoping he can reignite his career in a fresh environment.

Around the League

NHL 22 Announced: What You Need to Know | Sports Illustrated

This is the second time in three years that Auston Matthews was the cover. While I was excited to see what the game held, I’m really disappointed that players won’t be able to play beyond the second round of the playoffs in NHL 22.