Quick Hits: The 30 Years Edition

In Red Wings Land

So DetHockeyNow has a report based on a BostonHockeynow report that the Bruins are interested in Larkin, but I’m not going to link to it because I’d rather warn people that this is a self-feeding rumor machine and it’s garbage.  The guy who wrote the initial speculation has just about zero respect among other Boston media outlets (and the Bruins’ locker room).   He’s throwing shit at the wall looking for attention.

Around the League

Marty Walsh under consideration for spot atop NHL players’ union - Politico

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh has been approached about running the NHL Players Association and is in consideration for the gig, in what could be the second major shakeup to the Biden administration in recent weeks.

A person familiar with the discussions said Walsh is a strong contender for the lead role atop the hockey players’ union but that no deal is yet done. The Department of Labor declined to comment.

The NHLPA is looking for their Donald Fehr replacement and a labor secretary seems like a candidate, to be sure. The Players’ Association has a spotted history with past presidents and it seems the players have soured on Fehr. It seems there’s not much more for the players to give up in negotiations for future CBAs, but we’ll see.  The league would love to gut guaranteed contracts or perhaps waiver rules.

The 30 key moments in Gary Bettman’s 30 years in the NHL - ESPN

May 9, 2009: The Phoenix Coyotes file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Mounting financial challenges led to then-Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes filing for bankruptcy just 13 years after the team formerly known as the Winnipeg Jets relocated to Arizona. Moyes tried to sell the team to Blackberry founder Jim Balsillie, whose intention would have been to relocate it to Hamilton, Ontario.

Both the NHL and the City of Glendale fended off Balsillie, with the league buying the Coyotes with the hopes of finding an owner who would keep the team in Arizona. After a number of failed attempts to sell the team to potential owners, the NHL finally found a new owner in 2013 (IceArizona) that would change the team’s name to the Arizona Coyotes beginning in the 2014-15 season. Controlling interest in the team would be sold to Alex Meruelo in 2019.

This one leaves out the key bit of context that all of the warning signs about Moyes using the Jets’ relocation to Arizona as a real-estate venture rather than a hockey venture were ignored by the dollar signs in Gary’s eyes.