Quick Hits: The Angry and Betrayed Edition

In Red Wings Land

Rekindling the rivalry with the Blackhawks only for it to be about which team is going to be in the basement of this division is going to be fun.

Around the NHL

Players feeling angry, betrayed by NHL’s new CBA amendment proposals - Sportsnet

There are several problems with this in the eyes of the union: “We just made a deal, so why should it be changed?” “In the past, when we’ve been unhappy with a CBA, we’ve had to live with it,” “Why did this get proposed so late, we didn’t need a gun to our heads,” “If we agree to this, who’s to say it won’t happen again,” and “They knew this was going to happen all along, didn’t they?”

A couple even suggested that it’s never been less expensive to borrow money.

That last sentence is the-most cogent argument I’ve seen from the players’ side on their fight against escrow.  This is the lone topic where I’m generally not on the players’ side because they signed on for a 50/50 revenue split and they’re going to have to make the league whole one way or another if revenues fall short of projections.

While I get that escrow is painful, I wonder how the players would feel having the NHLPA finalize the accounting with the league on HRR and costs and then start sending out bills to all of the players potentially totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Sure, good financial planning lets the players take advantage and earn extra dollars on their money while they’re holding it to give back to the league, but let’s be honest about how much we trust the average NHLer to smartly sock money away knowing they’re going to have to give it back.

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