Quick Hits: The Appreciate Edition

In Red Wings Land

‘Great culture guy’ Luke Glendening making Wings pleased he wasn’t traded - Detroit News

Glendening, for his part, wasn’t consuming himself on social media with all the trade rumors.

“You can only control things you can control. I believe there is a plan for my life and I’m still here and I’m excited to be here,” Glendening said. “I try to stay away from that stuff (speculation) as much as I can. Every year there’s speculation and it can really stress you out if you see that stuff every night.

“Like I said, you can only control what you can control and I’m happy to be here.”

Around the League

Oilers’ Klefbom must wrestle with tough decision over NHL future - Sportsnet

“That’s the thing... It’s tough to say,” began Klefbom. “He says I might be able to play again, but there’s always going to be a risk. We’re going to see where I am at when the rehab time is coming to an end, and it’s time to make a decision. We’re going to follow up ­— many, many times.

“He’s optimistic, but he cannot really guarantee anything.”