Quick Hits: The Ask Better Questions Edition

In Red Wings Land

Congrats to Lucas Raymond on getting some extra time off to relax and recharge.

Around the League

The clip at the end of the availability got shared widespread before this one was posted but I like the one with more context.  That’s Jim Matheson petulantly asking Draisaitl why he’s so pissy.

The nuance of Twitter (oxymoron) isn’t going to allow a full reckoning of what’s going on here, but we should be able to take the time.  Draisaitl is absolutely being a bit terse with all of his answers here and it’s clear he’s frustrated with being asked these kinds of questions, but Matheson jumped pretty far out of line with his little outburst.

Leon Draisaitl’s job is to play good hockey.  For the most part he has this year. Answering media questions is a task he’s assigned. Jim Matheson’s entire job is to get good information from players. Being frustrated that he wasn’t getting that accomplished is the reporter’s version of the “controller disconnected” meme when we see a guy simply give up on a backcheck.

There’s not really a good guy here. Neither comes off particularly well. I guess I’m just more forgiving of a 26-year old being short with questions that ought to be directed above his pay grade than I am of a 72 year old trying to needle that player.

NHL, NHLPA issue update on COVID-19 protocol - NHL

Five-Day Isolation Period: The isolation period Protocol update issued Dec. 29 appears to be functioning well in its current form. A significant portion of Players appear to be exiting isolation after five days, with a lab-based PCR test that has a CT value >30.

Testing Protocol: The plan is to continue the current testing Protocol through Feb. 3. Provided positive test results continue to decline within the NHL, and pending review and agreement by Jan. 31 by the NHL’s and NHLPA’s medical experts, the Protocol will be updated as follows:

i. There will be no testing of Fully Vaccinated Players and Staff during the All-Star break (including for participating Players and staff), unless needed for travel or development of symptoms.

ii. There will be a single test upon re-entry to Club facilities post-All-Star, after which there will no longer be asymptomatic testing, or testing of Fully Vaccinated close contacts.

iii. Thereafter, testing will continue only on a limited “for cause” basis in Fully Vaccinated Players and Staff who develop symptoms or require testing for cross-border travel.

iv. The post-COVID “testing holiday” will remain at 90 days, but symptom-based testing can still be done at the team physician’s discretion. Testing for cross-border travel post-COVID will be dictated by the relevant health authority, which is currently 90 days for entry to the U.S. and 180 days for entry to Canada.