Quick Hits: The Back At It Edition

NHL players use pause to focus on racial injustice concerns
“Thanks for the question. I appreciate that,” Coburn began during the Lightning’s Zoom conference call Friday. “But for the most part, and especially today and yesterday, we kind of want to make sure we keep our attention and the conversation around the issues.”

In the Flyers media availability, the very first question was about playing a back-and-back. Talk about not reading the room, to put in mildly.

Sportsnet gives NHL some tough love - The Globe and Mail
Before this week, there were a few rumblings of discontent at Sportsnet over hockey’s decision to not take as strong a stand on the racial justice issue as other pro sports. When the NHL returned to play this month, Sportsnet host Donnovan Bennett wrote a piece in which he noted, “If we’re grading on a curve, the NHL and the hockey community are falling behind the rest of the class.” A couple of his colleagues echoed the comments, but the criticism was muted.

This is a really interesting article about what was happening behind the scenes at Sportsnet over the last few days.

Svechnikov's lacrosse-style goal goes digital as NHL 21 feature
EA Sports has added Andrei Svechnikov's lacrosse-style goal to "NHL 21" giving gamers a chance to outwit digital goalies in style.

Svechnikov was the first-ever player to score in an NHL game with the move, once popularly known as "The Michigan" thanks to college hockey player Mike Legg who first did it in 1996.

As all my friends who play the game have said, you know this is going to be a goal way too often. It’s still cool that they are including it, and hopefully they can adjust the settings so it’s a fun way to score, but it’s not the guaranteed deke move from NHL94

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