Quick Hits: The Back to Hits Edition

Hey thanks for the convo yesterday.  I enjoyed it.

In Red Wings Land

Pius Suter proving to be good fit for Red Wings - Detroit News

Consistency has been an issue, as Suter has gone through some peaks and valleys in terms of offensive output.

But Suter has shown throughout the season to be a versatile forward who has the offensive skill to play with skilled forwards.

Do you think Kulfan has been sitting on this story since around March 24th when Suter scored his last goal?

Around the League

McCrossin developed the rare medical conditions essential thrombocythemia, myeloproliferative neoplasm, and the blood cancer myelofibrosis, which is terminal.

Raffa developed thrombocythemia, which is incurable and is proliferative for other blood diseases such as cancer, or inducing strokes.

After exhaustive research, the pair allege the contraction of these diseases was the result of excessive exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens that are emitted from Zambonis, used to cut and clean the ice surface at the Flyers practice facility, and the result of the training room, where they have worked for the past two decades, butting up against the Zamboni room where these carcinogenic chemicals were potentially ingested extensively due to inappropriate ventilation or through a shared drainage system.

Brutal stuff.

Shapiro said he’d be collecting this info for a bit, so go tell them what you think of ESPN’s coverage.