Quick Hits: The Backs Against the Wall Edition

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CEO Brad Alberts says Stars have lost season-ticket holders over the team’s support of Black Lives Matter - Dallas News

“But we/I stand by our organization’s commitment and support our players 100% to express their views,” Alberts said.

When asked which customers the team has lost, Alberts said season-ticket holders, and that it was a mix of individual and company accounts. He did not disclose specific names. Alberts said no advertisers have pulled funding.

Something something cancel culture.

Column: It’s time for the NHL to step out of its racial bubble before it risks losing a generation (or two) of fans - Chicago Tribune

Those concerns might or might not be valid in regard to today’s bottom line, but it could be costly in the long run.

Studies show that attitudes are changing about the relationship between sports and activism, despite what the “stick-to-sports” crowd tells you.

The second half of this article cites a number of research studies which indicate an NHL unwilling to evolve is not serving the majority of its fans’ desires and risks falling even farther into a niche.

Bruins have ‘backs against the wall’ following Game 4 loss to Lightning - NHL.com

“We’ve got to find a way, get traffic in front, get to the dirty areas,” Bruins forward Charlie Coyle said. “I think if we do a little more of that, there’s going to be second, third, fourth efforts there, rebound goal. That’s the way we’ve got to play.”

They’ve been going to the wrong dirty areas.