Quick Hits: The Bad Looks Edition

In Red Wings Land

12 free-agent goalies the Detroit Red Wings could look at this offseason - Freep

Aaron Dell: He’s only 31, but when the Sharks gave him a chance to grab the No. 1 spot in San Jose in January, he didn’t play well enough to supplant Martin Jones, who has a $6 million cap hit.

Personally I don’t think the Red Wings should sign 12 goalies.

Around the NHL

The NHL got big-timed by ESPN when the last television deal ended and hockey was forced into the wilderness (network) to hit television eyes.  They’ve built a respectable thing with NBC over these last 15 years,  but ESPN is still the leading network in sharing sports eyes. If the NHL can get these two fighting over the rights, it could work out well for HRR and the sport.

Your style is your style and this fits Vegas very well but I wouldn’t wear this.