Quick Hits: The Broken Data Edition

In Red Wings Land

Steady veteran Jon Merrill wants to help turn around Red Wings - Detroit News

“It’s frustrating to lose,” Merrill said after Wednesday’s practice in Nashville. “We’re all competitive athletes, so to lose, it’s never easy, regardless if you come from a winning team before or not. Nobody likes to lose.

“It’s definitely something we’re trying to get rid of and get things going in the right direction and string some wins together.”

Well I’m glad to hear he’s not trying to lose.

Kidding aside, I like Merrill.  He’s been pretty solid to the eye test.

Around the NHL

Is something up with the NHL’s play-by-play data? - TSN

In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t appear a significant issue – there is still heaps of data being captured, and our understanding of what’s going on at the player and team level through these trackers remains strong.

But it does appear that we are losing data in some capacity. To that end, I invite my readers to send over any theory they have.

First the crowd noise was artificially pumped in and now the data.