Quick Hits: The Changes Abound Edition

In Red Wings Land

This would be cool to go to.

31 year old goalie for the depth chart.  Sure.

Around the League

He should be a good fit there.

That’s cool that she’ll get this opportunity


So, what does that mean to the stuff that you care about?Well, if my sources are to be believed, I think that when the cup is handed to this year’s champion it will be the last time you see Hockey Night the way you’ve seen it this year. There are simply too many people opining that change is imminent to believe it’s just noise. I believe that this is likely Ron MacLean’s last year as the full-time host of Hockey Night in Canada. I believe that the decision to part ways will likely be amicable with Ron’s hosting gig having run its natural course. He survived the Don Cherry ending, carried through the pandemic, and hosted through what feels like a ton of hockey over the last couple of summers. As one insider told me, “Both sides agree it is a good time to call it a day.”

I’m ambivalent.  MacLean got to coast by being the happy sounding board for a lot of claptrap and for that got to come across as the “tough guy on Bettman.”  I don’t particularly like him but I also only ever watch the HNIC broadcasts when my subscription package demands it.