Quick Hits: The Chicken Soup Out of Something Smelly Edition

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This started on the Red Wings subreddit, got signal boosted by Prashanth, and the end result is so amazing.

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31 Thoughts: Why NHL is exploring the NBA Top Shot trend

Nothing new specifically about the Red Wings in here. Although this section could affect Detroit.
4. It’s a buyer’s market out there. With five weeks until the trade deadline, how many teams are really willing to take on money? Never mind “can” take on money under the cap, but would be willing to do so? The list is not long, and there are many more sellers than buyers.

Boston and Philadelphia are eyeing defencemen, although both teams must monitor expansion-draft issues. You don’t want to make that situation worse, unless of course you are trading something that nullifies the problem. Toronto is checking out forwards. Colorado is looking at some options, but I don’t know how high-salaried they would be. One interesting possibility: Minnesota. Unafraid GM and challenging for top spot in the West.