Quick Hits: The Chirpin’ Broccoli Edition

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If NHL Players Were Vegetables -Last Word on Sports

Dougie Hamilton: Broccoli

Younger people tend to hate broccoli. It’s got a strange texture and its flavor often deters even the hungriest of children. As you get older, you tend to appreciate the things you may have disliked when you were a kid. Dougie Hamilton is broccoli for that reason. He’s not the flashiest or most eye-catching player. An “eye test” fan may write him off prematurely. But, as the world of analytical hockey evolves, many have begun to acknowledge Dougie’s excellence. Like broccoli, he’s an acquired taste — but one that pays dividends in the long run.

Our very own Jake Rivard wrote this, but he didn’t make Dylan Larkin the eggplant.