Quick Hits: The Consistent Inconsistent Edition

In Red Wings Land

Former Red Wings believe Steve Yzerman’s drive, determination will lead team back to top - MLive

“I see the same work ethic that Stevie had as a player, his determination of wanting to get there again, wanting to have a championship team again,” Nicklas Lidstrom said. “I saw that, whether it was in practice or the gym or during games. I see that now in a different way but the same kind of work ethic as a GM, the way he’s still grinding like he did as a player to find ways to be successful.”

He is an intense man.  I love it.

Around the League

This is the one that makes sense because it’s a reckless move that the guy has no business trying to finish a check once he recognizes the positioning.

This is the one that doesn’t make sense.  Tkachuk has previously been suspended for shitty stickwork.  The DoPS says in their video that he intentionally did this and the only reason it wasn’t a longer suspension is because he apparently failed in his attempt to remove one of Jonathan Quick’s eyes.