Quick Hits: The Dance Dance Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings mailbag: Mike Babcock, trades and more - Freep

Helene doesn’t think the Wings are interested in making a coaching change or a particular free-agent coach would be interested in rejoining the team anyway. She also weighs in on Fabbri, veterans’ trade value, and gets a nice little shot-not-pass in on Val Filppula.

‘I have to step up’: Jimmy Howard takes blame for Detroit Red Wings’ recent struggles - The Detroit News

In terms of what exactly you’d like to hear Jimmy Howard say, I think the Wings’ netminder came pretty close to hitting that. He takes blame but isn’t bending over backwards to beat himself up for the press over it. Actions gotta follow the words though...

Around the League

The NHL’s stance hasn’t changed and the NWHL isn’t folding. Where does that leave the PWHPA? - TheHockeyNews

The PWHPA is set to hit the road again in January with its biggest Dream Gap Tour stop yet, but the NHL’s unchanging stance and the NWHL’s growth have left some wondering what the future holds.

I’ve always felt that there was enough truth in Mike Commodore’s vendetta against Mike Babcock to support the rest of the whispers about how Babcock was more than just “hard to get along with”, but that’s also been terribly colored for me by what a big baby Commodore has been.

The claim that there’s a large portion of current (and even former) players who keep these kinds of thoughts to themselves makes a lot of sense too - hockey is still an old boys’ club and it’s not worth the trouble for most of them to upset the apple cart by taking these things to the court of public opinion.

I still think Commodore tweeting a picture of Babcock loading up his truck crossed the line from jovial grave-dancing to exhuming the corpse for a waltz... but I’m also not real spun up about it. Mike Babcock’s ego should be able to survive this too.