Quick Hits: The Defenseman Dumpster Edition

In Red Wings Land

The Detroit Red Wings could make a good spot for the Penguins to dump Jack Johnson - Pensburgh

Staal’s situation is different than Johnson’s, being as the former Ranger only has one year left on his contract. Johnson has three years, though a lower cap hit at $3.25 million.

It’s also reasonable to ask is the best the Pens can do is burn a draft pick in order to drop Jack Johnson? And would the cost be a 2022 first round pick? A 2021 second round pick plus probably something else? Is that the best Pittsburgh can do? Is that what they want to do?

The commenters on this article are real happy to make such a deal that would cost the Penguins just a first rounder and if that’s not evidence enough that you shouldn’t like that idea, then we can agree to disagree.

One thing that gets brought up is the possibility of Pittsburgh packaging Matt Murray in such a deal. I don’t know. I still hate it. There’s only so many salary-dump D-men who aren’t good at hockey I want on the blue line of a team that I actually want to show reasonable improvement next season.

Around the NHL

Stamkos out for Lightning for rest of Stanley Cup Final against Stars - NHL.com

“The conversation was this morning because there’s only one or two games left in the series,” Cooper said. “He did everything he could to get back, and he did get back and unfortunately he couldn’t go any further. I’m sure this will all be addressed after the series is over. To be honest, I don’t think he was playing at all in these playoffs. I don’t think any of us did. He gave us 2:47 of brilliant hockey that’s a phenomenal story, scored a huge goal for us in a win. Hopefully we can keep that momentum moving forward. He’s for sure missed on the ice, but the rest of the series is done for him.”