Quick Hits: The Developments Edition

In Red Wings Land

Adam Erne, Michael Rasmussen among players who took steps forward for Red Wings - Detroit News

“From a year ago, and you include the summer as part of it, he’s clearly a better skater, clearly playing with more confidence and clearly a better defensive player,” Blashill said. “He’s come one of the furthest in terms of development.”

As a person who constantly struggles with adding unnecessary qualifiers to superlatives, I’m going to overlook how this was qualified (and how awkwardly it was worded).  I do think Rasmussen has come the furthest. Zadina would be the next closest contender. I don’t want to forget Seider just because he wasn’t in North America though.

Around the League

That was a fun ten minutes. He’s not leaving Carolina but I was enjoying the dream. Let’s get Igor Larionov instead.