Quick Hits: The Different Designs Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings goalie to sport helmet designed by 5-year-old contest winner - WXYZ

Bernier will sport the new helmet design at the Detroit Red Wings game on April 24. According to a press release, Drew will get to keep the designed and autographed helmet and attend a Detroit Red Wings game.

Five-year old out there designing a better helmet than Greiss’

Around the League

NHL’s Kraken sued by Seattle’s Kraken Lounge over planned Northgate restaurant name - Seattle Times

“That The Kraken Bar would or should become a ‘hockey bar’ or a sports bar of any kind was anathema to The Kraken Bar and its regular patrons,” the lawsuit states. “The Kraken Bar’s regular patrons frequented the bar precisely because it was a dive-bar, associated with affordable food and drinks as well as cutting edge live music performances by well-known punk and metal bands.”

It’s kind of delicious to see hockey fans gatekept out of something, but it’s also real hard for me to argue with the restaurant here. It’s unfortunate, but ‘The Kraken Bar & Lounge’ is absolutely infringed on by ‘The Kraken Bar & Grill’.