Quick Hits: The Dylan Larkin is a Wigglytuff Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ odds of winning conference title near bottom - mlive.com
Virtually every team in the NHL has better odds of winning their conference than the Detroit Red Wings, according to odds released Monday.

BetOnline puts the Red Wings’ odds of winning the Eastern Conference at 50-to-1, better only than the Ottawa Senators (80-to-1).

I’m not a betting person, but if I was, and I had some extra money, I’d put some on Carolina. 20 to 1 seems like a really good value bet.

Bonus Article

There’s not a lot of news in mid-July, and fun is always, well, fun. CJ Turtoro put together an article for the Devils SB Nation site that looked at which Pokemon NJ players were closest to. It’s fun and ridiculous, which is great for the summer.

If you’re interested in how he did it, here’s the full article.

Here’s a link to the tableau site that has the entire NHL. I’m guessing you already know what Dylan Larkin is :)

I’m pretty sure we did something similar a year or two ago, so let’s have fun. Which Pokemon would you match up current Red Wings with?

Around the NHL

Ron Francis will be hired as Seattle franchise's first general manager | SI.com
Hall of Famer Ron Francis will be named the first general manager of Seattle's new franchise, Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times reported on Tuesday.

According to Baker, Francis will receive a multiyear contract that is described as a midrange deal in terms of annual compensation compared to other NHL general managers.

This had been rumored recently, so it’s not very surprising. I personally was hoping that Seattle would go outside of the former NHL GM pool, but I’m not surprised that didn’t happen.


I love Gritty. I also love dumb memes. So, I had to include this.