Quick Hits: The Eve of Destruction Edition

In WIIM Land

I posted this in the comments of yesterday’s QH, but in case you missed it, the deadline for SBN to deliver the site’s post history data requires that our last post happen prior to Thursday at 9pm ET.

What this means is that Thursday’s gamethread will likely be our last post on the SBN platform and last for a while until WIIM 2.0 officially gets launched.  We’re still working out details of the new network, but I will keep running the site’s Twitter feed for a while (unless that gets killed too).

As far as I know the site will still be alive on Friday.  I’ll put up a ‘Going Dark’ open thread sometime during the day on Thursday so people can still use the commenting platform right up until the very end. Once that’s done the unofficial Discord is likely going to be the best place to keep up with the wonderful denizens of this domain.