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Quick Hits: The Farewell Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings haven’t called Karen Newman to sing national anthem this season – Freep

Essentially, she’s been ghosted — an inelegant thing to do to the team’s most consistent performer through more than a thousand games. But she’s powering through it, the same way she did on those nights when her throat was raw but duty called.

“People have asked me: ‘Aren’t you upset? Aren’t you mad?’” Newman said. “No. It’s bittersweet, but nobody ever made me a promise it was forever.”

This story is a couple days old but I’ll be honest I also don’t really care.  I was never particularly moved by Newman’s national anthem and even though she was good, it wasn’t an iconic part of the Wings for me.

Around the League

NHL Trades That Teams Should Be Considering ASAP – BR

The Senators must improve their defense to reach the playoffs this season. Armstrong understandably wants a solid return for Chychrun, but he also can’t risk his trade request becoming an unnecessary distraction for his players. Both sides should be able to work out a deal to their mutual benefit.

Oh man the Sens getting Chychrun would make gamethreads against them unmanageable.

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