Quick Hits: The Farewell Howie Edition

In Red Wings Land

What’s your favorite Jimmy Howard memory?  The Crosby facewash immediately jumps to mind.  My favorite is from 2010.  Red Wings fans got together on the internet to bring a fan up from Brazil for his first ever in-person game and a whole bunch of rowdy pretend internet friends were filling up the seats at the Ol’ Joe.

I actually wasn’t there because my first daughter was born two days prior to this game, but I got to watch on TV and hear loud and clear all 19 of my personal internet friends singing happy birthday to Jimmy on the 26th of March as the team stomped Minnesota.

Around the NHL

NHL borrows $1 billion to financially help teams, per report - CBS

The lenders haven’t been revealed and the league hasn’t issued any statement regarding the massive loan. Each team will have access to an estimated $30 million in the event of cash-flow problems, payroll issues and other expenses. That figure makes this similar to the support plan the NBA recently put in place to financially assist basketball teams.

How much does Ottawa get?