Quick Hits: The feel-bad edition

A difficult situation for our beloved Vladimir

In Red Wings World

Free Press: Vladimir Konstantinov may be moved to nursing home due to no-fault law

This has been a fear for quite some time, and now it’s an unfortunate and potentially heartbreaking reality. Konstantinov is one of many who are affected by the law. I really hope the Red Wings make sure he gets the very-best care.

Trade Deadline: TSN players list

Nick Leddy is mentioned on this list at 20, and Marc Staal at 40. If the Red Wings trade Marc Staal, I will be more upset than I should be.

Around the NHL

NYI Longread: HistorZee

Maybe you don’t like Zdeno Chara, but you have to admit that his longevity as an athlete is nothing short of remarkable. No other defenseman has suited up as many times as him in an NHL game. Next closest is former Red Wing Chris Chelios.